Lola the Vamp

An icon in the making
Sensual and graceful, pure seduction.

"Widely acknowledged as Australia's best solo performer"
- The Beat (Melbourne)

"Lola The Vamp lives up to her name"
- Australian Penthouse

"Lola The Vamp is spearheading the retro stripping artform's snowballing revival"
- Sunday Mail

"Our highest profile starlet"
- Hippocketsleaze

"Best Boobs in Burlesque!"
- Burlesque Idol, Sugartime

"Love your ass, it's so firm and tight ;)"
- Fiona O'Laughlin @ Edinburgh Festival 2005

"You started it all! The original 34b girl"
- Mark Gerber, owner 34b Burlesque, Sydney

"A very inspiring figure"
- Zuzanna, promoter of burlesque club, Brisbane

"Lola, the vamp, a woman so in control of her art form as to be more dominant the greater her state of undress, was magnetic. We are fish on hooks!"
- Miss Victoria Mist, review of Sugartime, Sydney

"Lola's strips have real tease...these women have skills and sex"
- The Scotsman

"Know a thing or two about sex and sensuality... ravishing to look at...know a thing or two about showbiz"
- The Times

"Lola's Serpentine and Fan dances were beautifully erotic"
- UK review

"I love her take on burlesque"
- Kitten On The Keys USA

- Andrew G, Australian Idol, Channel V

"Magnificient! had jaws dropping all over the country"
- Yumi Stynes, Channel V. Lola was Yumi's number 2 highlight of the 2005 Big Day Out Tour!

"Love your work baby!"
- KK Juggy aka Christa Hughes

"Turned me on, and I'm gay!"
- Audience Ric's Cafe

"Not a dry seat in the house"
- Punters at Brisbane Powerhouse and The Zoo

"Old-school fetish princess"
- Lara Zamiatin, Courier Mail

"Captured the spirit of burlesque"
- Punter at Dante's Melbourne

"One of my personal highlights of a very eventful Big Day Out. The girls presented a very diverse burlesque show that certainly beats even an exceptional strip show. Corsetry, high heels, feathers and sultry looks created a most enjoyable spectacle that made missing Metallica seem insignificant"
- Angus Young

"Lola the Vamp and La Viola Vixen have to be two of the most beautiful classic showgirls I have come across in a long time!"
- Chaz Royal "Burlesque King" - Rave Magazine

"Don't go!"
- Bob Hawke @ Woodford Folk Festival 2010/2011

"8 hottest Burlesque Stars of All Time: Gypsy, Dita, Josephine and Lola: Some burlesque performers are content to practice their art as a hobby, or a mere career path. Shake your groove thang, cover your naughty bits with some feathers, collect a check. But few people have the giant brass lady-balls to turn their love of burlesque into an academic pursuit. But that's just what Lola the Vamp has done, earning her Ph.D. in burlesque. That means in all her correspondence, she gets to sign of "Lola the Vamp, Doctor of Burlesque." And that, friends, is totally friggin' cool."
- Ward Rubrecht - 8 hottest Burlesque Stars of All Time: City Pages

"a Mona Lisa type of quirky charm, that she has shadows swirling underneath the surface about to break, but never quite doing so."
- Viviane Mae

"It's intimidating. We're not used to naked women running around. At least not in recent years anyway"
- Nick Cave - Grinderman/Nick Cave solo tour

"Lola the Vamp performed an astounding burlesque routine. So elegant and stylish, she has such amazing stage presence! Combining ballet with the best of European Burlesque. Arriving in an Amsterdam chair and looking like she had emerged from Carnevale did Venezia, complete with the vintage hat... she was breath taking!"
- Wooly - Faster Louder

"Lola is Australia’s premier mistress of’s a hell of a show. A show she’s executed everywhere from the homeland (including, but not limited to, nationally on the Big Day Out tour) to glittering Las Vegas, Paris and Tokyo. Nick Cave summed it up in a single word, in true Cave style: “Beautiful”. She manages to wrap the crowd in a haze of fantasy, taking them back to a time of subtle erotica and elegant performance."
- Lisa Dib -

"One of the most internationally recognised and impeccably styled burlesque divas. Lola's dramatic shows and smouldering looks will take you to an exotic netherworld you'd only ever dreamed of. Come for the rare opportunity of seeing this burlesque superstar shine."
- Francios Buble - 34b Burlesque

Welcome to the web site of Australia's premier showgirl and the fastest rising star around the world.

Burlesque Dancer Lola The Vamp is a living amalgam of vintage beauty. A true star cast in the mould of yesterday, has the figure of Brigitte Bardot and the face of Vivien Leigh.

Her shows famously -in the the major books of the new burlesque era - feature highly referenced sets that take flights of fancy from departure points like the Russian Firebird ballet, or Loie Fuller's iconic art nouveau Serpentine Dance, but it is in her face that much more of these references are truly revealed. A flash of Marilyn Monroe's innocent gasp 'both playful and hypnotic' (The Age) or a walk like Leslie Caron - her toe extends, finds a firm footing, and the rest of the leg extends elegantly to the floor. This heady combination comes together with 'a highly developed aesthetic and a sly wit' (The Age)

She lives like a Bohemian movie star, with short films based on 1899 French Cabarets screening at Cannes, touring her burlesque around the world for the likes of Nick Cave who described her as 'beautiful', or as headliner of the world's premier burlesque events Tease-o-Rama and The Australian Burlesque Festival. She performs for luxury brands, hotels, casinos, sought-after music festivals and the hottest nightclubs on earth. She has been a brand ambassador for the renewed interest in absinthe, a writer, and is constantly in demand as a media commentator for television and print (Channel V, Getaway, San Francisco Chronicle, The Age, Penthouse Magazine) where her image has graced some of the most elite publications around.

A habitué of the beautiful cities of Paris, New Orleans and Los Angeles, she is the first performer in theatre history to earn a Doctorate of Philosophy by performing the art of burlesque. She is, as The Age writes, 'in a league of her own'

Vintage Shopper Blogger of the Month: December 2013

Lola the Vamp was awarded the blogger of the month at Vintage Shopper for her piece: Lola the Vamp's Guide to Paris.